About Me

Hi again! This has been a long overdue project and finally, I’m able to decide on the theme and write my first content. Thanks for being one of the first readers. 😉

Heads up, I’m not an excellent writer but I’m learning. So please be patient.

My name is Joanna – I’m a freelancer based in the Philippines. For 13 years I was in the corporate jungle trying to build a career while saving for my future. I thought I knew from the start that it was not the place for me which is why after getting my degree in college, I decided to quit my job.

Now, I am working as a transcriber, proofreader, virtual assistant, and podcast manager while traveling to different places.

This is not the end of my journey yet because I know I’m just at the starting point of something greater and I hope to keep you posted through this blog.


P.S. That’s Jang Nara on the featured image. I ran out of good photos so I thought of using hers. 🙂