Acnetrex Helped Me Get Rid of My Pimples

Growing up, I was prone to having pimples on both my face and my back because of oily skin. This became a huge problem because it affected my confidence a lot. Hence, I started visiting facial clinics and trying outrageous recommendations I see on TV and read online.

I’ve tried using water and alcohol-based facial wash, sulfur soaps, Eskinol with Clindamycin, lipstick on acne, honey and egg, astringent, and a lot of other topical products. I’ve even washed my face with water that was used to rinse rice and took pills as advised by my OB-Gyne. Yes, I got overly desperate. Like I said, I’ve tried almost everything that I’ve heard and researched.

I’ve seen a lot of dermatologists just so I could get rid of my pimples. Until a friend told me about Acnetrex and his experience while taking it. Listening to his story made me fear its side effects. According to him, I might experience muscle pain, bleeding gums, depression, and in case I get pregnant, the baby might have imperfections or illness.

Without a second thought, I rejected the idea of taking Acnetrex. Years have passed and I was still suffering from acne and they got worst. There came a point when I felt like the person I’m talking to is just focusing on my zits and trying to make constellations out of it. My confidence went down the drain and I was on this state for too long.

Finally, I spoke to a very encouraging dermatologist from Medical City, Dra. Lopez-Usi. I felt her genuine concern in helping me get rid of my acne and in winning back my self-esteem. She took her time to explain why Acnetrex is not that scary and why it is the best option for me to take. So I trusted her and had gone through a series of tests which includes blood, urine, sugar, and the other test which I can no longer remember.

On the first two months, I had to take 2 tabs a day. This was calculated based on my body weight. During this time, I already noticed the good effects on my skin. My face is no longer as oily as it used to and there were just one to two zits showing up. However, my scalp and lips started to dry too.  I also felt minor joint pains but I didn’t mind these side effects because I was happy with the result on my face.

I was under this medication for eight months including the withdrawal phase. For maintenance, Dra. Lopez-Usi had me use Clyndamicin for a few months and now I’m on Retinoic Acid. I’ve been Acnetrex free for 1 year and 8 months and I’m happy that I decided to try it. There are still times when a few pimples would pop up but I think this is happening because I’m not consistent in applying the topical maintenance.

P.S. If you’re still doubting this medication, I suggest you see your dermatologist or Dra. Lopez-Usi to further discuss this drug. She’s at Medical City Gateway every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 10 AM to 1 PM (in case her schedule has not changed).

P.P.S. I’m still thinking if I should post a before and after photo. If you want to see how much my face has improved, go check my Facebook. 🙂

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