My First Job As An Upwork Freelancer

When I started my career as a freelancer I had a hard time figuring out what kind of job I’ll apply to. I thought you need to be tech-savvy in order to get hired but this was not the case on Upwork. They offer tons of jobs to choose from and all I had to do was assess myself for me to see where I am good at and what kind of service I’ll offer.

I worked as a team leader and a quality analyst for several years and one of the few skills that I mastered is listening to phone calls so I thought I could be a transcriber. This job is not complicated and it only requires good listening and writing skills. I could also handle data entry work or I could be a virtual assistant.

So I started sending out two proposals per day which increased to five because I was not getting hired. I had to revise my cover letter almost every day to see what I could be doing wrong. Fortunately, on the 10th or 15th letter that I sent two people responded back. One hired me as a data encoder but I didn’t start working with him at least after two months while the other gave me a transcribing job.

The client sent me five videos which are 6 to 7 minutes long and I finished writing them after almost four hours. Yes, it took me this long because I had to double and triple check my work. I think this is the usual case when we’re working on our first project, we’re excited and paranoid at the same time.

I got $45 from this work with an additional $5 bonus. Not bad for a first gig, right? It’s actually more than what I expected.

TIP: For you to get that first project, assess what kind of service you can offer, something that you know you can deliver with pride. From there, customize your proposal and highlight the value that you can give to your client.

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